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Kluytmans Service BV heeft een missie!

Dagelijks staat het team van Kluytmans Service’ BVvoor u klaar om u te helpen ! 

Mission is to provide a broad spectrum of professional truck-based crane, arial platform solutions and agricultural machines, and to achieve optimal function and efficiency through customization.

As importers and customizers of truck cranes and mounted arial platforms as well as truck mounted cleaning systems, we have great expertise in designing and executing complete systems with utmost attention to customer needs. Furthermore, during the life cycle, we provide full service, including on the spot-rapid breakdown service, periodical certification and regular maintenance.

In the agricultural sector we are dealers for many prominent manufacturers.

We have our own service and warehouse-facilities and a highly trained and motivated staff.

We provide customized quality solutions, ultimate service, performed by highly trained and experienced staff. Our products and applications provide a constant reliable companion for efficient execution of your daily set of tasks.